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Julian Edelman still has a video game he rented from Blockbuster in 2004

Is the Patriots WR secretly a hoarder?!?

Do you remember Blockbuster Video? You know, that actual physical store that you could physically enter and engage in a physical monetary transaction to rent out a physical movie or game? Well, Patriots receiver Julian Edelman sure does:

When you go home and find out you still haven't returned a block buster from 2004..... #latefeesfordays #bekindrewind

A photo posted by Julian Edelman (@edelman11) on

That's right, Edelman just found somewhere in his house a rented Xbox game from Blockbuster that he checked out 12 YEARS AGO. For those millennials out there who needed this blast from the past, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and went defunct in 2013 after Dish Network bought it out and it crumbled under the weight of House of Cards binge-watchers.

But enough with the boring financial history, Edelman may have some legitimate late fee fears that he needs to address, even though it may not be much. The last we heard regarding a video late return policy, Blockbuster instituted a $1 per day late fee fine in 2010, but it was capped at $10 after ten days.

While all company-owned Blockbuster stores closed in 2013, some independent franchise owners actually chose to keep their stores open! And according to Google Maps, there's still a location open in the Boston area, on Chelsea Street in Everett, Mass.!

The franchise owners might just feel grateful for the publicity.