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Rob Gronkowski has an Instagram account now and there's no going back

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If Rob Gronkowski set up an Instagram account, what would you expect his first post would be? If you said a minute-long montage of Gronk doing Gronk stuff, you'd be correct.

"Rob, what are you doing for your offseason?" asked Gronk's friend. "I'm coming to Instagram!" Gronk replied, before taking a brief journey down a children's slide.

Here's a few things that stand out from this Instagram announcement:

1. You'll notice immediately that the video is a lot longer than Instagram used to be. On Tuesday, Instagram announced it would expand videos from 15 to 60 seconds, something that used to only be reserved for advertisers. Either Gronk's people knew about this or this was pure coincidence, but his video was basically a hell of a way to find out Instagram videos are longer now.


3. You could argue that Gronk somehow made a Tree of Life-esque short film with this video. If you didn't know who Gronk was, the video is basically his thesis statement. It's a day in the life of Gronk when he's not playing football.

4. You probably wanted a GIF of Gronk going down that slide, so here you go.

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