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Von Miller is being fined by his 'Dancing with the Stars' partner for farting

Not everyone appreciates some finely tuned smelly butt music.

Von Miller is having problems with his Dancing with the Stars partner, Witney Carson. It's not a clash or personalities, or mismatched moves -- but his farting. A lot of farting.

Miller's propensity for flatulence during rehearsal has become so bad that Carson is fining him $100 per fart. She joked that she'll be "rich by the end of this," because of the frequency and violence of Miller's farts.

There are a lot of farts in the video, but we need to speak about the first one. That is a bonafide Grade-A squeaker, which is a stunning fart revelation. It's a surprising tone to come out of Miller given his other typically-baritone works. It's likely because the angle of his lunge caused an over-tightening of the glutes, which made the gas escape a smaller space. This isn't crass, it's science.

Now we have evidence of rehearsal farts it's making us question everything.


If you only have six seconds and need to hear all of Von's farts we've got you covered.

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