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The Astros reserved the shortest urinal for their shortest player

Just when we thought the "short" jokes about Altuve had run out ...

Tuesday has been a good day in baseball for bathroom-related humor. Outfielder Jake Marisnick and the Houston Astros just made it even better.

For those unaware of the context surrounding this glorious trolling at Houston Astros spring training: Jose Altuve is the All-Star second baseman for Houston who is extremely good at sports and hitting flying objects. He also happens to stand a diminutive 5'6 tall.

This is the latest in a long line of jokes at the expense of Altuve, who has the honor of being the shortest active player in Major League Baseball. A couple of years ago, an Astros fan went so far as to create a measurement of length or distance known as the "Altuve." Simply put, it converts any distance to how many iterations of Altuve's height could fit into said distance.

You have to feel a little bad for Altuve, but as long as these keep coming, we'll probably keep laughing.