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Sean Weatherspoon accidentally forgot to deposit a six-figure NFL game check

Normally, it's very difficult to relate to NFL players. They can't walk down the street without people wanting autographs while people actively ignore me in public. They are incredibly athletic while I ate an entire Panda Express plate while laying on my bed at 3 p.m. this afternoon. Yes, please judge me. I deserve it.

But not today! Atlanta Falcons' linebacker Sean Weatherspoon tweeted out this gem while moving into a new place this afternoon.

You know what? I, too, have stumbled across an old paycheck that I forgot to cash once. It might have happened a couple times, actually! It's always a great feeling, realizing you're a drive to the ATM away from having more money to spend frivolously on something you'll regret almost immediately.

Wait, what's that? Weatherspoon's game check -- based on a 17-week season and his $2.4 million base salary with the Cardinals -- is probably worth $138,000.

Uh yeah, never mind.

If you're wondering how he could just lose something worth that much, apparently they're usually direct deposit and this was a rare instance where he received a hard check.

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