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Russell Westbrook is not a fan of Reggie Jackson's 'bulls***' celebrating

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Westbrook still has beef with his former backup.

When Reggie Jackson was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder at last year's trade deadline, it was a long-time coming. For reasons that may have included Jackson's friendliness with the media, the Thunder were more than happy to see the backup point guard leave, with Kevin Durant even saying "he got what he wanted." It seemed like Jackson wanted away from the Thunder, too.

Given how they parted ways, there's still lingering animosity on both sides. As the Pistons beat the Thunder on Tuesday, Jackson couldn't help but gloat a little. OK, maybe a lot.

Oh, you know Russell Westbrook wasn't OK with that. "It was some real bullshit," Westbrook told reporters after the game.

Westbrook's full quote is here, via NBC's Dan Feldman:

Honestly, I think it's some real bullshit. I don't appreciate it from our team and our organization. I don't like it all. But it is what it is. We'll see him down the line. We'll take care of that when we get there.

It doesn't matter. Honestly, he wasn't changing nothing for us. Obviously, he didn't want to be here. He's in a better spot. He's not doing too much of a difference, if you ask me. He's going to stay over here in Detroit. We're going to stay over here. We'll see them next season.

Drama! Players taking shots! Sports! See you next season!

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