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Everyone in and around the NBA wants Craig Sager to feel supported and keep fighting

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The NBA keeps showing love and support for Sager as he battles cancer for a second time.

You may have heard the awful news that beloved NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager's cancer is no longer in remission. Sager has vowed to keep fighting and isn't postponing his work, either. On Tuesday, he was at the Warriors' clash against the Washington Wizards as Golden State went for 67 wins. When it was time for Randy Wittman's first half interview, the Wizards head coach used his time to tell Sager how much he has meant to him and others in the NBA community, while encouraging him to keep fighting for as long as it takes.

This is a great, touching moment, but you know Sager hates it. His question was completely ignored, albeit with great intentions! Whatever the case, we're just glad to see Sager on our TV screen. Even before the game, his pre-game report was briefly interrupted by Festus Ezeli wishing him well.

The same thing happened when Sager interviewed Kenny Smith, who was in the stands at the game.

And when Sager asked Stephen Curry if he could use a rest as the regular season comes to a close, Curry said he couldn't complain, given the inspiration Sager gives with his own fight.

Throughout Tuesday, the hashtag #SagerStrong circulated on Twitter, with users posting their brightest sports coats and otherwise using the platform to spread encouragement and think good thoughts for Sager. One way to support cancer research and Sager's fight is by purchasing this lapel pin, featuring Sager and Gregg Popovich.

If nothing else, Tuesday made one thing very clear: the NBA wouldn't be the same with Sager.