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Terrell Owens responded to Marvin Harrison's Hall of Fame criticism of him with a gun joke

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It's been nearly a month, but there are still some hard feelings over whether Terrell Owens should've been in the Hall of Fame this year -- arguably he should, and there's no doubt he eventually will be. Marvin Harrison, who was inducted in the class of 2016, had some things to say about Owens not being inducted, and he didn't hold back, per Fox Sports:

You may recall that Harrison has been involved in a couple shooting incidents: one in 2008, which is more notable for his direct involvement, the details of which were reported in this 2010 GQ article that's definitely worth reading; and another in 2014, wherein Harrison was dodging bullets in an attempt to help a man who was running away from burglars who broke into his house.

Why is Harrison's past with guns germane to what he had to say about Terrell Owens' Hall of Fame snub? Because Owens caught wind of Harrison's quotes, and responded with this tweet: