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Brandon Weeden’s true calling is as an Oklahoma State jersey model

Oklahoma State has produced loads of great football talent over the years, and they decided to bring some of it back to campus for their new jersey unveiling. And Brandon Weeden.

Brandon Weeden seems really pumped about all of this. It's like nothing good has happened in his career since leaving Oklahoma State or something? I don't know. I would need to do a little more research.

Like, he busted out the Cam Newton Superman move.

Then he dabbed, I think. Technically.

Then just some general yelling.

He also made a lasso motion on stage for about ten seconds. Really hitting all the dance moves you'd expect someone who looks like Brandon Weeden to bust out.

Maybe he was just trying to have fun, but he sure looks as though getting to be the jersey model for his college's uniform unveil has been the highlight of his NFL career so far.

Also, shoutout Dez Bryant for bringing the cool factor up here a little bit and Dan Bailey for looking so uncomfortable I wanted to puke.