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Von Miller is doing 'Dancing With the Stars' where he can thrust like this without being fined

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It's been a good few months for Von Miller. First, he dominated the AFC Championship and Super Bowl, leading the Denver Broncos to a championship. Now, he's entering free agency where he could become the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL. To add to the year of Von, he's also joining Dancing With the Stars, according to Mike Klis.

Athletes have been hit or miss on the show, but we like Miller's chances. Thanks to his many quarterback sacks, Miller is used to dancing. Like this.

He also has this move ... wait that's just the same move against a different team.

So what we've established here is that Von Miller is very good at thrusting at air. If that is part of the Dancing With the Stars competition then Miller has to be the heavy favorite.

At a minimum, at least Miller can finally bust a move without being fined. The NFL fined him $11,000 for his thrusting during the season.