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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant solves everything so quickly that he breaks Pat Sajak

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You can't even hate someone with game like this. Robert is the rudest contestant Wheel of Fortune has ever had, and that is 100 percent a compliment. See, he's the UConn women's basketball team of Wheel players. He won't just beat you, he'll throw you in a mortar and pestle with a bunch of letters and grind you into a fine word paste.

This game is so ridiculous top to bottom that Pat Sajak thought Robert accidentally buzzed in on the game's first puzzle.


Listen closely. You can clearly hear Pat begin to say "Did you mean to buzz in?" but he gets cut off by Robert who solves the puzzle before Sajak can finish his thought. Shout out to Noelle whose reaction was perfect.


You can't stop Robert, you can only hope to contain him. Later in the game he solved another simply ridiculous puzzle.


Robert nailed it with "Exhilarating Water Slide." I went to a French website called DCODE, which has specific puzzle solvers and punched in this precise puzzle. At this point in the game there were only three possible first words, but 44 possible words for the second and over 100 possible words for the third. Robert knew it in an instant.

Pat Sajak just started laughing. Making quips if it took more than three letters for the puzzle to be solved. Somewhere hapless puzzle writers were frustrated that Robert was destroying five episodes worth of material in a single night. He came, he saw and he conquered.

One man broke the entire system, tore the heart out of the wheel. Think about poor the two people who were put up against him. They were so excited to play Wheel and got fed to the voracious word monster that consumed all -- Robert is his name. Got a problem with the way he plays? Well, he'd like to solve that puzzle, too.

wheel with it

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