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Kobe Bryant will not let you think for even one second that he's not the clutchest Laker of all time

During Tuesday's "American Express Teamed Up" event with Kobe Bryant, Kristen Ledlow, Robert Horry and Rick Fox, Fox was asked, between Kobe and Horry, who he would pass the ball to if the game ended going to crunch time. Fox was being diplomatic, but Kobe answered in a very Kobe way.

Fox: "[I fail to believe] that [Kobe's] not being double teamed, and I fail to believe [Horry's] wide open."

Ledlow: "So you're keeping it."

Fox: "No, whoever's defensive man fell off far enough."

[brief pause]

Kobe: "He's throwing that damn ball to me."

Everyone laughs, but deep down, everyone knows he's also serious about that.

Toward the end of the event, Kobe got real with Lakers fans, who he showed appreciation simply for always sticking with him through everything:

Kobe: "I came here at the age of 17. Most of the people here in this room, like, we grew up together. We grew up together, you know, through all the [ups and downs]. You guys never jumped ship. I never jumped ship. And our relationship's a lot stronger, and I think any other player in any other city will leave, because we went through it, you know what I'm saying? Just thank you for all your support."

There's no doubt tears will be shed after his final game.

* * *

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