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Kobe Bryant needs so many ice packs and wraps he looks like the dang Michelin Man

Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the best players in NBA history. The lasting image of his career will likely be him scoring over someone or scowling down the court after a big shot.

As long as it's anything but this.

Bryant played just nine minutes Wednesday before retreating to the bench to get ice on both knees and his shoulder. Practically every part of his body needs ice or a bandage of some sort. He's trying to slog his way through the final games of his career, but there just isn't much left in the tank.

When general soreness forces you out of the game, it's about time to call it a career.

It happened once again on Tuesday's game against the Clippers, and Kobe looked even more like the Michelin Man, thanks to additional bandages wrapped around his shoulders and knees. It almost looked like he was gearing up for a football game.

4 more games left for Kobe Bryant.

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Only four more games of Old Kobe Bryant, then we can forget all of the down moments from his final season and reminisce about the better times.

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