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Dwyane Wade interrupted Kobe Bryant's press conference and told him he had to go

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Kobe played his final game against Dwyane Wade and the Heat on Wednesday, which ended in an overtime win thanks to Julius Randle. Kobe didn't stay for the end, because, after playing nine minutes, he was out for "general soreness" and had to be iced up and bandaged like the Michelin Man. His early departure may have played a role in Wade walking into Kobe's postgame conference and lovingly mocking him.

[After a few seconds of Kobe and Wade smiling and talking to each other, including Wade telling Kobe "you gotta go."]

Kobe: "By the way ... he's knows he's gonna be the oldest guy in the league next year."

Wade: "I told you I was gonna get you, so I did my job."

[A reporter asks a question about facing Wade]

Kobe: "Man, I love him, 'cos he was a vicious competitor. He's vicious. He's mean. You know, we could have those type of battles, and then afterwards hang out, and have a conversation, and lace 'em up and go right back at it, so I enjoy competing against him."


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