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Joe Biden attended Syracuse, Jill Biden attended Villanova, and they'll both attend the Final Four

The nation's most powerful Syracuse alum will be attending the Final Four games this Saturday, SB Nation has learned. Along with Dr. Jill Biden, who's a Villanova alum, they'll be watching whether their respective teams move on to the National Championship for a Biden household showdown.

Ultimately, their attendance is in support for the It's On Us campaign. During the week, along with the University of Pittsburgh, UNLV and University of Colorado Boulder, the vice president will be talking about preventing sexual assault on college campuses. It's similar to his Nov. 2015 visit to his alma mater, and more recently, his appearance before Lady Gaga's performance at the 88th Academy Awards, which resulted in nearly 10 times more pledges.

"Joe and I are passionate about our college basketball teams -- let's go Cats!" Dr. Biden told SB Nation. "But, if all of us direct that energy toward encouraging more fans to take the It's On Us pledge, everybody wins."

Let's see what happens should Syracuse and Villanova end up facing each other in the National Championship. Maybe this?

(Illustration: SB Nation | Original Photo: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

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