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The Warriors made Festus Ezeli think he got cut as an April Fools' joke

Festus Ezeli has missed 35 games this year, but the Golden State Warriors have still been amazing with a 68-7 record.

So, his teammates decided to get a Lyft driver in on an April Fools joke to scare the 6'11 center into thinking that he was cut from one of the greatest teams of all time just weeks before the playoffs.

Andre Iguodala -- the mastermind of it all -- almost took a cake to the face as revenge, but it's all smiles and laughs for the team that has no idea how to lose.

While Iguodala may have had the first laugh, Ezeli laughed last. Or at least he used a cake to get some sweet revenge.

A video posted by Festus Ezeli (@fezzyfel) on

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