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Maryland basketball player's dabbing grandma steals the show on senior night

The senior thought the attention would be on him.

Senior night for student-athletes is filled with emotions as players step on their home courts for the final time and are honored as they end an important chapter in their lives.

Maryland fans roared with applause for their senior Jake Layman -- or wait, maybe it was for his grandma.

Layman's grandma took the center stage spotlight herself and just absolutely dabbed on them folks. Just how Cam Newton envisioned it.

No clue how big of a Terps fan she is, but the accidental dab has hit College Park before. Maybe she took a lesson from point guard Jaylen Brantley.

Either way, Layman and his grandma got the storybook sendoff they patiently waited 135 games for as a hype crowd watched an 81-55 beatdown of Illinois.