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Jaromir Jagr is giving up over 30 gallons of coffee for Lent

So. much. caffeine. gone.

Jaromir Jagr is awesome. At 44 years old, he's still going strong in the NHL. Jagr probably isn't giving up the game any time soon, but he is giving up something: coffee. Jagr used to drink A LOT of coffee. Probably more than you might think a professional athlete would. Via an interesting profile from The Wall Street Journal:

Each year Jagr gives up something for Lent, the 40 days that lead up to Easter Sunday. The tradition has helped him change his diet over the years: more fish, less meat, less sugar (he’s about 15 pounds lighter than he was in his prime in the ‘90s). When Jagr gave up Diet Coke last year—"I drank it every day, I would have five a day at least," he said—he tried it again after Easter. He hated the taste so much that he had to mix the soda with water, and then he gave it up altogether. This year his has quit coffee.

"I was drinking 10 a day," he said. "I felt awful the first few days, I felt like I had no energy at all. I was playing games I didn’t even know I played, the first few games. But then the body got used to it."

10 cups ... per day! Geez. So just how much coffee did Jagr give up for 40 days, then? Lucky for you, we did the math.

For the sake of this discussion, let's assume the average "cup" of coffee is 10 fl. oz. One site says 9 fl. oz. is the average, but I like 10 better because it's a nice even number. 10 cups of 10 fl. oz per day is 100 fl. oz. Then multiply that by 40 and you have ... holy crap. That's 31.25 gallons! For perspective, that's roughly 25 more gallons than the average person would drink during that span. Do you feel sick yet?