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Hilarious MLS goal leaves 2 defenders down after being hit in the head

This Vine is an onion. Not "onions" in the basketball sense, but dang -- it has *layers*.

First of all, we have the ball into the box, which hits a player in the back of the head who immediately gives up on life. Look, being hit in the head hurts -- but he's down on the ground forever. Note: There was no substitution, so he just decided to take a mid-game nap.

Then there's the ricochet, which results in a second hit to the head. Note how this played is completely confused which way the ball went. He gets up looking towards the opposing goal, but alas it's behind him.

Finally there's the poor keeper, who we imagine let this in only because he became frozen looking at his teammates hit the turf like sacks of potatoes.