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Tom Brady congratulated longtime rival Peyton Manning on retirement

Congratulations Peyton, on an incredible career. You changed the game forever and made everyone around you better. It's been an honor.

Posted by Tom Brady on Sunday, March 6, 2016

With Peyton Manning set to officially announce his retirement from the NFL on Monday, a slew of current and former players will provide a few words to the exiting Broncos and Colts legend.

Very few, however, will be as heartfelt and respectful as Tom Brady's, who reached out to Manning on Facebook. The two have been intertwined throughout their careers to the point that any matchup between them was an instant must-watch game.

Brady was concise, noting that Manning has changed the game for the better, but they will both share more words when they are both in Canton.

Including the playoffs, Tom Brady defeated Manning 11 of the 17 times they faced one another.