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Nate Diaz called out a UFC commentator who joked about getting a tattoo

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Keep your words sweet because you might have to eat them later. Yes, this is a very clichéd maxim but it should be taken seriously, especially if you bet a tattoo on it.

That's what UFC commentator Jon Anik did. He was so confident that Nate Diaz would lose to Conor McGregor at UFC 196 that he would get a "209" tattoo in honor of Diaz's hometown. That, of course, didn't happen and Diaz got the win via submission. It was downright surprising!

And in his celebration, Diaz did not forget that he had naysayers, including Anik. In fact, he called him out during his postfight press conference.

Anik definitely ate his words on Twitter and it looks like he may actually be looking to get that tattoo.

(h/t The Score)

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Post Fight: Nate Diaz on the tattoo and his win over Conor McGregor