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Grizzlies fan shows off Steph Curry-like skills to make halfcourt shot to win a car

The Grizzlies might be without Chris Andersen for a while, so why not sign this fan in the meantime? He hit a halfcourt shot to win a car.

Let's talk about the technique that this Memphis fan is using. He is hurling the rock with both hands as opposed to using one hand to launch and the other to direct the trajectory of the shot. It's almost as if he took shooting advice from Shawn Marion. That's no knock against either of the two. It worked!

Typically fans run towards the halfcourt line and throw the ball up with one hand, completely overlooking the other hand which is why some of the attempts look bleak. A tip to those who may have the chance to throw a halfcourt shot for a car: take this guy's advice.