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Relive all Stephen Curry's bad misses vs. Lakers because this might not happen again

Stephen Curry has played so well this year that he's raised the bar to an almost impossible standard. We pretty much expect 50 points and several half-court three-pointers from him on a nightly basis, otherwise he's not living up to his standards as sports' Super Entertaining Athlete We All Like.

The Warriors lost to the Lakers on Sunday in one of the biggest regular season upsets, well, ever. Curry wasn't good, scoring 18 points on 6-of-20 shooting with four turnovers. This video does make him look like a total chucker, if you didn't know any better. But our expectations for him are so high that his bad game -- not atrocious, not very bad, just normal bad -- was turned into a "lowlights" reel by someone on YouTube. Isaac Asimov's writing proved that even robots have flaws, so this must have just been a glitch in the Curry machine.

Be sure to stay for the Klay Thompson bonus round in the final few seconds!

(h/t r/NBA)