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College basketball announcer temporarily ejected by referee for making gestures

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The Horizon Tournament game between Green Bay and Valparaiso got a little weird on Monday when a referee ejected the Green Bay announcer. Yes, that's right, the announcer got ejected.

An announcer from one of the other teams in the tournament had to take over the duties with Matt Menzel out. But, that didn't last long because some four minutes later, Menzel was back!

So, what exactly was the "misunderstanding" that caused the situation? It apparently involved some gestures.

You know March Madness has arrived when announcers are getting ejected by referees. We can't wait to see what the rest of college basketball season has in store.

UPDATE: We have video of the incident in question ... sort of.

UPDATE 2: We now have audio of Menzel's play-by-play as the situation plays out. It's as good as you could hope for.