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Andrew Bogut started celebrating 2 seconds before Stephen Curry even shot the ball

The Warriors had a very rough Sunday, getting run out of the gym by the Los Angeles Lakers. A frustrating loss, maybe. But, not one that stopped Golden State from exuding confidence.

Example A:

This isn't Stephen Curry celebrating a shot while it's in the air. Or his teammates doing the same when he and Klay Thompson get going.

This was Andrew Bogut celebrating a made shot and running down the court nearly TWO SECONDS before Curry had even released the shot. Bogut essentially became the best defender on the floor, nearly closing out on Curry's shot. That's a full three seconds of celebration before the ball drops.

Of course Curry also made the shot. The game against the Lakers may have been a blip on the radar, but the Warriors are still going to Warrior.

* * *

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