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Tony Allen laughs like a badly operated ventriloquist doll when he hears the phrase 'Grit and Grind is dead'

The Grizzlies fought hard to win against the Cavaliers on Monday night, and you can credit Tony Allen for leading the way. After the game, Allen couldn't help but literally laugh off the notion that "Grit and Grind is dead."

Rob Fischer: "Couple times this year, we've heard people say Grit and Grind is dead. I guess not, huh?"

Tony Allen: "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"

It's a great laugh, but also ... kind of robotic. Like his head was programmed to wait for a silly claim he could laugh at, and his mouth moved like one of those Chuck E. Cheese animatronics.

(h/t HoopsHype)