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Texting Adam Schefter is basically you at every family holiday but on live TV

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Adam Schefter got caught texting on live TV on Tuesday. Just like when you text through Thanksgiving with your family or dinner with friends, he has better things to do inside his phone. Look at the bottom scroll, it's some news he was just reporting!

The thing is, this isn't new. Adam Schefter is a football information gathering robot. Putting him on TV has never stopped him from using the tiny computer in his pocket to gather football information.

He can't stop.

Not just texting, he'll pick up the dang phone, too!

Live breaking news can't stop Adam from seeking the next scoop.

Two phones!

The next time your mother or loved one tells you to get off your phone, point to this article and remind them that successful people like Adam Schefter don't just stay on their phones, they are successful precisely because they never make time for the world outside of their precious little machines.