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The Braves' Freddie Freeman used an exploding baseball to announce he's having a baby boy

Freddie Freeman has an extremely chill cat, and now he's going to have an extremely chill baby boy, as was announced by an exploding baseball:

That's a pretty cool way to find out/reveal the sex of your child, although I'm glad it was Freeman and not, say, me breaking the news (literally). He is a professional baseball hitter and highly unlikely to swing and miss at the baby-announcing pitch. I'd totally miss. Or I'd foul tip and just crack the ball a bit so only a tiny, sad trickle of blue dust would puff out. Seems like an inauspicious start, baby-wise. I'm making myself nervous.

Anyway, congratulations to the Freemans and their extremely chill cat on the forthcoming addition to the family.

(h/t The Score)