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Exactly one year after bees swarmed Royals' spring training, bees swarmed Royals' spring training

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The yearly tradition. The pageantry. The heartache. Fans running for their seats in excitement. This is March. No, we're not talking about college basketball, we're of course talking about Royals' spring training being invaded by bees ... AND THE BEES ARE BACK!

It's been exactly one year since the Royals' spring training was invaded by bees. It's unclear at this time whether this is a new swarm or whether it's the same swarm excited to see more dingers and fastballs. We've reached out to the swarm for comment, but just got stung.

Credit where it's due to Ned Yost: The Royals' manager is rightly concerned about colony collapse and ensured the bees were not killed. Instead they were vacuumed up with his supervision. Future career in pest control? It seems so.

This tweet is a treasure

Congratulations to Edinson Volquez on his two scoreless innings. He's looking real good out there today folks. Also there's a giant hive swarm of stinging insects invading the pitch and terrifying the public.

We support the bees in their baseball loving endeavors, but it's not fair to fans to block their view. Have a little more consideration, bees.

This message is for the Royals: Never change. Make no adjustments. We know there will be the allure of changing something, but this is America. We don't shy away from tradition because it's uncomfortable. These bees are a part of you. A yellow, stinging, honey-producing cluster of buzzworthiness. Do not move spring training. Do not change spring training.

We'll see you on March 8, 2017, you beautiful bees, you.