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Bismack Biyombo is not about to let people kick the Raptors' ass, sorry for swearing

The Raptors beat the Nets on Tuesday, and in a postgame interview, Bismack Biyombo laid out the defensive game plan that helped secure a win after a dismal first half. The following quote from Biyombo may or may not be what Raptors coach Dwane Casey actually said at halftime or it could be Biyombo coming from the heart, but it's funny either way.

"It seemed like the defense there in the 3rd and 4th quarter really turned the ball game around for you guys. Was something said specifically at the half by Dwane Casey?"

Biyombo: "We gotta play better. We gotta play defense, and we have a purpose. You know, this is our home. We cannot let people come into our home, and actually kick our ass -- excuse my language, but that's the right word to use."

Biyombo, you can say "ass" on television. No one's going to get mad, especially not Canada.