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Even Curt Schilling isn't sure how he still works for ESPN

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Sports and politics collide.

Curt Schilling knew he was in hot water even before ESPN officially suspended him last fall.

After he posted a meme comparing Muslims to Nazis, Schilling made a donation to Carson America, Ben Carson's campaign super PAC. In filling out his Federal Election Committee disclosure form, Schilling was ... very honest.


Hang on, what was that?

Oh. If you look at the date, Schilling made this donation a week after his offensive tweet. Two days later, ESPN suspended him, which was maybe less than he expected. Carson suspended his 2016 presidential bid last week, but I'm sure he appreciates the contribution.

Schilling remained fairly silent for a bit, but last week the former MLB pitcher made a comment about how Hillary Clinton 'should be buried under a jail,' according to the Washington Post. ESPN is still addressing the issue.

(Thanks to Lookout Landing's Meg Rowley for digging this up.)