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The Cubs tied up their strength coach at practice, and chihuahuas and scorpions are apparently to blame

The Chicago Cubs are continuing to make the most of spring training this year. They shaved their heads for pediatric cancer researchMunenori Kawasaki sang Aerosmith to them and they got a dude to shred AC/DC during practice. Wednesday's practice involved tying up and blindfolding strength coach Tim Buss in what appeared to be some sort of coup (read: a prank) by the Cubs.

The Chicago Tribune even captured video of Buss sitting silently, but also bobbing his head and tapping his feet to the sweet sounds of Damian Marley, Bob Marley and Matisyahu while Cubs players ran past him. That's a very reggae-filled practice they had there.

As for why Buss was tied up in the first place, no one would say, not even Buss ... except for this:

... okay then. Stay weird, Cubs.