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Duke's Marshall Plumlee scores game-winning points shortly after breaking his nose

Marshall Plumlee turned in an excellent game for the Duke Blue Devils on Wednesday. He finished with 17 points and 10 rebounds. He even broke a tie in the final minutes and scored the eventual game-winning bucket in a 92-89 Duke win.

And he did it despite having his nose broken earlier in the game.

Plumlee caught a glancing elbow from a teammate on a rebound and this was the result.


That is ... ouch. While he received medical treatment, there is only so much a trainer can do on the bench for a broken nose. That didn't stop Plumlee, who checked back into the game moments later and then scored the go-ahead put-back a little more than six minutes later.

And just in case you thought it looked worse than it actually was, Mike Krzyzewski confirmed the nose was broken.