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Watch James Harrison thrust 528 pounds with ease

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Harrison's hips don't lie.

@theramonfoster @maurkicepouncey 240kg/528lbs it's starting to come back

A video posted by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on

James Harrison is one intense dude. Off the field, he's a pretty intense parent who doesn't want his kids near any participation trophies. Even when he's working out, he can lift a 135-pound barbell like it's no freaking big deal. But even this is too ridiculous.

Harrison is using all his might to not only lift 528 pounds, but he's doing it via intense thrust. We've never seen such incredible thrusting skills.

And there is precedent for thrusting in the NFL. Von Miller has been doing it for a while now during games. In fact, he's been doing it so often to celebrate that he's received fines for it.

We need a Harrison-Miller thrust-off next season.