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Baseball Santa Claus catches 5 foul balls and hands them out to little Tigers fans

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This is Bill Dugan, and he did something today you never ever will -- caught a total of five balls, and counting. Everyone yearns to catch a single foul ball. People spill drinks over them, risk their children's safety for them, but Bill did neither. This champion just sat behind home plate and enjoyed the game, all while nabbing four foul balls during the game itself and another during batting practice.

How many balls are too many? There comes a point when they stop being a cool story on your mantle and become an eyesore, which is why baseball hero Bill Dugan became Santa Claus.

SB Nation MLB reporter Catherine Slonksnis spoke with Dugan following his haul.

"I moved back to Detroit in '84 from San Diego. The year I moved back, of course, I was a Padres fan and rooting for the Padres during the World Series, and then the Tigers won. I've been a Tigers fan ever since."

Dugan's record for caught foul balls is eight, with four being caught in batting practice.

Cherish the memories, let the kids have the baseballs. Well done, Bill.