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Arian Foster blew his mom's mind with a special message from The Rock

During his visit to the set for HBO's Ballers, presumably to do a guest spot on the show, Arian Foster had a surprise for his mother Bernadette in the form of a message from an infinitely charismatic Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. All he did was say hi to her ...

"Hey, what's up, Bernadette? Had an amazing time on set with your son. You must be so proud. Good to see you."

... and she flipped out at The Rock saying her name. Honestly, you can't blame her because it's The Rock:

@mysizemore happy early Mother's Day! (the reaction video) lmao

A video posted by feeno (@arianfoster) on

It's another reminder that, no matter what, The Rock will always be cooler than all of us jabronis.

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