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Villanova recreated Kris Jenkins' championship-winning shot 11 times and made 7 of them

Kris Jenkinschampionship-winning buzzer beater will always be one of the best NCAA Tournament moments in history. It will live forever in Vines and YouTube videos, it will always be broken down into detail, but can it be recreated like it did that night? ESPN brought in the three key Villanova players -- Jenkins, Ryan Arcidiacono and Daniel Ochefu -- to answer that question. Not only did they recreate the play, they did it 11 times.

In the end, Jenkins was successful in making the shot 63 percent of the time, which is pretty good. And now we know what it would've looked like if Jenkins didn't make it and Marcus Paige became the hero that brought the game to overtime.

(via ESPN)

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