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Charles Barkley says he'll get on his 'knees and congratulate' the Warriors if they win

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For whatever reason, Charles Barkley seems to like to go against the Golden State Warriors. That trend continued Tuesday when Barkley was so confident the Warriors won't repeat, he said he'd actually get down on his knees and congratulate them if they did.

Those comments came after Barkley somewhat discredited the Warriors last season, saying they didn't play any healthy teams on the way to winning.

Going against the Warriors seems to be a limb Barkley likes climbing out on. He is already on the record saying he doesn't think the Warriors will win this year. He made that clear during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

This comes after Barkley said the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls would kill the "little" Warriors. The Warriors are the best team in the NBA, but Barkley will go as far as he can to not pick them. This is nothing new, and it's also something that didn't work out so well for Barkley last year.

A year ago, Barkley was convinced the Warriors weren't going to win the championship. He didn't even think they were one of the three best teams in the Western Conference. They, of course, went on to win the championship which meant Barkley had to wear this.

This year, Barkley may have to wear an updated version of that shirt while also on his knees.

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