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Kobe Bryant drops the mic on his final NBA game 'Mamba out'

For the last time in his professional basketball career, Kobe Bryant played a NBA game. The 20-year veteran's career came to an end on Wednesday as he left to a standing ovation from Lakers fans after scoring an improbable 60 points, yes SIXTY points.

After leading the Lakers to a win, Bryant addressed the crowd and described his career by saying, "You couldn't write something better than this." He went on to say he loved the fans and thanked his family for the sacrifice. He then ended it in classic fashion with "Mamba out" before dropping the mic and leaving the court for a final time.

The exit was the culmination of a legendary career that ranks Bryant not only among the greatest Lakers off all-time, but among the greatest players in NBA history. Bryant scored the first NBA points of his career as an exuberant 17-year-old while he willed out the final points at age 37.

While Bryant's final season has been a celebrations, it's also been trying. He's battled various injuries, likely playing through pain just to avoid ending his career on the injured list. His game clearly isn't what it once was and just playing has been taxing at times. The Lakers season has also been a lost cause from the start.

But, none of that mattered on Wednesday night. It was simply Kobe's night and Lakers fans took every moment they could to show support. He won't ever play in another NBA game and his career didn't end with a championship run, but few players ever get the kind of send off Bryant got from the fans in Los Angeles.