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Dodger Stadium broke into a 'Kobe' chant after they showed him on the jumbotron

All of Los Angeles stood with Kobe Bryant, even if they weren't at his final game.

Even at the Dodgers stadium is #mambaday! #kobe #heroscomeandgobutlegendsareforever

A video posted by Wendy Ayala (@w_ayala15_) on

Not all of Los Angeles was at the Staples Center for Kobe Bryant's final game, even though it looked like it. The Los Angeles Dodgers had a packed house, and when they showed #MambaDay on the jumbotron, the entire stadium started chanting "Kobe." That's the coolest.

Kobe Bryant has shown the Dodgers love before, throwing out the first pitch after one of his early 2000s championships. It's only fitting they returned the love right back.