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Kobe Bryant took the most shots in over 33 years, and it was perfect

This was the way Kobe had to go out.

In the final game of his 20-year career, Kobe Bryant went out in the only way he could: scoring 60 points on FIFTY shots with a win.

It's not the most field goals ever attempted, as Wilt Chamberlain attempted 63 shots when he scored 100. But since the stat started being tracked officially in the 1983-84 season, no one has ever taken 50 shots. Only six times have players taken more than 45 shots, with three of them belonging to Bryant. Before Bryant's 50, the most attempts taken since 1985-86 was Michael Jordan with 49 field goal attempts. Of course Bryant would top Jordan in something in his final game ever.

The 50 field goal attempts also shatters this season's NBA high, which was only 36 shots attempted by Russell Westbrook in 48 minutes played. Bryant did 50 attempts in 42 minutes, while his 60 points was also a high for the 2015-16 season. (Anthony Davis led the NBA with 59 points scored earlier this year.)

Bryant also attempted 21 three-point shots, making six. The most threes ever taken was J.R. Smith jacking 22 of them, so Bryant fell just shy of the record there. Bryant already owns the record for most misses in a game (30), so his 28 misses on Wednesday wasn't a record, either.

None of that is detracting from what he did. In fact, this game on Wednesday could not have been more perfect. Think about it -- all of his career Bryant was criticized for shooting too much, for being a ball hog, et cetera, et cetera. In his final game to end his 20-year career, one where he's the third-leading scorer and five-time NBA champion, his 50 shots led to SIXTY points and a win. Bryant was many, many things to many, many people. On his final night in the NBA, all you can ever say is that he went out on his own terms.

Mamba out.

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Kobe Bryant is not actually retiring

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