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Jim Harbaugh jumped on stage with Migos, wore their chains, and may just be a member now

Rap group Migos has love for Michigan and Jim Harbaugh, which was evidenced by a video of them dabbing in Michigan apparel. Months later, on Signing Day, Harbaugh dabbed with Migos. And on Wednesday night, we hit a new level of this Migos-Harbaugh friendship when the latter showed up on stage during their concert and jumped with them.

And again, he dabbed with Migos:

And yeah, if you look closely, Harbaugh is wearing a gold chain:

Jim Harbaugh and @MIGOS: best friends for months now, basically. Via UM, Migos, and tylermadi/sonnyequipment on Twitter.

A photo posted by SB Nation College Football (@sbnationcollegefootball) on

The only way we will hit the peak of this Migos-Harbaugh collaboration is if Harbaugh does the intro on the next Migos mixtape. That's the only logical conclusion and we will be waiting with bated breath for that.