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Vin Scully made a compelling case that 13 isn't an unlucky number

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

With his soothing tones and unmistakable and unmatchable style, Vin Scully can make anything interesting. The way he weaves in random conversation while calling a baseball game is legendary. Scully is in his 67th and final season, but still as wonderful as ever.

Peak Vin Scully was on display Thursday. Austin Barnes was at the plate for the Dodgers, but that fact didn't matter much. Instead, Scully had Arizona's Nick Ahmed and his No. 13 on his mind. Ahmed had a great series with a pair of home runs and he drove in another run on Thursday. He also wears No. 13 which led to this wonderful Scully tangent about why that isn't actually an unlucky number.

It's great even in text. It's even better with audio which you can enjoy in the video from MLB. After he retires, Scully should just start a podcast where he discusses various random things. We could only be so lucky.