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Basketball players started a new dance craze featuring a song from 20 years ago

Division I basketball players have a new dance, and now everyone is joining in on the fun.

Maryland basketball players Jared Nickens, Jaylen Brantley and Damonte Dodd have been dancing to "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJs for weeks and now they're trying to make it a movement.

Oh yeahh!!! wassup wit it ? @jaybriddle_1 add my snap: jnickkk

A video posted by Jared Nickens (@jnickens_) on

It's not just in the locker room -- the trio has performed in an office, from under a blanket and in the middle of a busy street.

The movement doesn't stop in Maryland -- they've spread the dance to Villanova, Virginia Tech and Marquette.

RIGHT AT YALL @jnickens_ @jaybriddle_1 @damontedodd35 WASSUP @krisjenk2 @epaschall4 @pbooth_5 they light

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We wit the movement ttm @sacar_anim15 .... @jnickens_ @jaybriddle_1 @krisjenk2 @pbooth_5

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UConn's women's basketball team also got in on the act, championship trophies and all. This is going to be a tough one to beat.

And lo and behold, the Heat's Justise Winslow, in celebration of winning Game 1 against the Hornets, posted an Instagram video of him and his sister Bianca doing the "My Boo" dance:

Next up: Papi!

It has now spread to college football where the entire Rutgers team go in on the act, while Michigan also had some fun.

And onto the NFL! Here go the Jaguars:

The Orlando Magic got Stuff the Magic Dragon -- AND AN INFLATABLE T-REX -- to join in:

Ben Schwartz from Parks and Rec definitely nailed it.

Running Man Challenge achievement unlocked. Half court swish. #runningmanchallenge

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Uncle Drew's got it.

Eventually, the Running Man Challenge reached the Gronkowski family, and, well, this happened:

Shout out to the Gronk brother who almost faceplanted on the box trying to get the timing of this skit right.