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Donald Trump apparently thinks Rex Ryan won two championships with the Jets

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has intertwined with sports a few times. There was the time he confusingly asked about bringing Joe Paterno back and of course his opinions on whether Joe Flacco is elite. Now, his candidacy and sports have even more crossover after Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan introduced Trump at a rally in Buffalo.

Ryan didn't get especially political in his introduction, instead telling the audience a story about when Trump owned the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League. Herschel Walker was the star of the Generals, but on one occasion Generals coaches opted to give the ball to fullback Maurice Carthon from the 1-yard line instead. He was promptly stuffed. Soon, the phone rang on the sideline and it was Trump calling.

"The next time you give the ball to Maurice Carthon instead of Herschel Walker, you're fired," Trump said, according to Ryan.

Trump preceded to thank Ryan for the introduction by significantly embellishing his success.

"He won championships in New York, AFC I think twice," Trump said.

It is true that Ryan led the Jets to the playoffs twice, but he didn't win any championships. New York made the playoffs as a wild card both times, only to lose in the AFC Championship twice. No AFC championships, no AFC East championships.

Maybe Trump was simply confused by the championships Ryan guaranteed the Jets would win.