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Mavericks players tweet out Crying Jordan memes and jokes after beating Thunder in Game 2


The Mavericks tied up their series against the Thunder 1-1 after a wild finish Monday, when Steven Adams' last-second putback did not count. Following the game, JaVale McGee and Charlie Villanueva took to Twitter to express their excitement.

1) JaVale. JAVALE. This is an awful photoshop though, so it makes you wonder if maybe JaVale did it himself? And if he did, that makes it even better.

2) Charlie Villanueva found a way to celebrate and poke a little fun at himself, which was also good.

It was a busy night for Charlie. He also broke up Russell Westbrook's pregame dance with Cameron Payne. Looks like the Mavericks had an all-around great night.