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Angry Flyers fans threw a whole bunch of wristbands onto the ice during Game 3 against the Capitals

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1. Monday's Capitals-Flyers game started off with a great tribute to Flyers owner Ed Snider, who had died from bladder cancer a week prior.

As a way for fans to honor Snider, the Flyers gave every fan a wristband that lit up:

2. Well, 57 seconds into the game, Michael Raffl scored a goal to give the Flyers a 1-0 lead. It would be the only goal throughout the night.

3. Pierre-Edouard Bellemare gave Dmitry Orlov a dangerous hit into the boards, for which he got ejected.

Soon after, players from both teams got into a scuffle. Flyers players were penalized, while Capitals players got nothing. You can imagine this didn't sit well with Flyers fans.

Orlov walked away and was tended to, and while he was getting settled, a wristband was thrown at him:

4. In a similar vein as when Whitey Ford tried to calm down pretzel-wielding fans on The Simpsons, the aforementioned light-up wristbands ended up on the ice. It got so bad, the Flyers announcer and players from both teams pleaded fans to stop.

As the game continued, more wristbands flew, to the point where referees warned the Flyers they'd get a delay of game penalty if fans didn't stop.

5. Fans didn't stop and the Flyers got that penalty, and announcer Lou Nolan was fed up:

The Flyers lost to the Capitals 6-1, and are now down three games in their playoff series.

(h/t CBS SportsNBC Sports)