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Johnny Cueto is extremely good at blowing bubbles

We know Johnny Cueto is a lovely human being. We know his Instagram account is filled with amazing, random videos and photos of himself looking chill in various places. And now we know how much he loves blowing up bubble gum, as seen during the Giants' game on Monday, during which Cueto sat silently and happily with a bubble in his mouth.

"What's so great about bubbles?" "I get it. They float, you can pop 'em. I mean, I get it."

A video posted by MLB ⚾ (@mlb) on

Like all things, the bubble eventually died.

Cueto went back at it again on Tuesday. No caption, just Cueto living his best life.

A photo posted by Johnny Cueto (@johnnycueto47) on

Moments later, we got one of the greatest Cueto photos ever.

A photo posted by Johnny Cueto (@johnnycueto47) on

Does Johnny Cueto hold seminars on how to live life just like him? Where do we sign up?