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Donald Trump can't stop confessing his love for Tom Brady, even in Ravens country

Donald Trump has proven he's good at playing to his audience when it comes to politics. He's also proven to be not so good when doing it about sports. The latest example came on Wednesday when he confessed his love for Tom Brady to a Maryland crowd who assuredly does not love Tom Brady.

Full video via YouTube.

Tom Brady isn't going to be very well-liked in most of the 32 NFL cities outside of Massachusetts, but especially not in Maryland. The Ravens and Patriots have met in the playoffs several times and it's safe to say praising Brady to this crowd was not the best strategy. This isn't the first time Trump has played to the wrong sporting audience. He recently talked up Penn State during a rally in Pittsburgh, likely full of Pitt fans.

If only he had stuck to talking about how he thinks Joe Flacco is elite. That would have gone over MUCH better in Maryland.

Coincidentally enough, at an earlier rally in Indianapolis, a fan holding a "Trump loves Brady" sign was apparently escorted away.