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Stanley Johnson says he has LeBron James right where he wants him, despite the Cavs' 2-0 lead

The rookie proceeded to rip how much LeBron and the Cleveland bench talk.

Stanley Johnson is a promising rookie who has played well in the Pistons' first-round series against the Cavaliers. Detroit has lost both games, but that's to be expected given the nature of No. 1 vs. No. 8 matchups, and Detroit did very nearly beat Cleveland in Game 1 before a Game 2 blowout.

After the game, though, Johnson spouted off some choice words for LeBron James, whom he has guarded throughout this series. First, he referenced a bump between the two players that happened after a timeout was called, calling it a "cheap-ass shot."

Johnson kept going, ridiculing the trash talking that the Cleveland bench does and the way James apparently eggs it on. Here's what he told Nick Friedell:

"He jabbers," Johnson said after Game 2. "He moves his mouth sometimes. Their whole team does, kind of like their little cheerleaders on the bench. Every time you walk in the right corner. They're always saying something like they're playing basketball, like they're actually in the game. There's only seven or eight players who play, I don't see why the other players are talking. They might as well just be in the stands, in my opinion."

Using really strange logic, Johnson kept talking.

Johnson was praised for his defense on James during Sunday's Game 1, but James still dropped 22 points on 9-of-17 shooting with 11 assists. On Wednesday, James went for 27 points on 12-of-18 shooting. If Johnson's "in his head," then he must not be shouting loudly enough to affect James' production on the court.

Johnson was the only Pistons player to speak out that directly about James or the Cavaliers' trash talk. Marcus Morris took the high road, sort of, when asked about it.

Again, Johnson's going to be a very good player in this league. Of course, he might also have put a target on his back for every time Cleveland plays against him, because these comments are sure to cause some unpleasant feelings when the Cavaliers hear about them. At least he's ready for it, or thinks he is.

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